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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Love the hangout on Google+

I love the hangout feature on my news social media site, Google+, so much so that it is the primary feature that draws me to the service.

I'm on Twitter and Facebook and even LinkedIn but adding one seemed an alright idea because it is tied to Google, a company I happen to like because it is not steered me wrong before. Gmail is a great product. GoogleNews is a complete look at what's going on.

Today, we at The Oakland Press, with our partners at The Macomb Daily, interviewed the governor via Google Hangout, all on video and all connected electronically and digitally.

Gov. Rick Snyder loves this stuff, and using new tools and new innovations to save time and money are essential to improving government and business in Michigan.

As always, Snyder had plenty of good things to say. He had his wit, his strong quotes, and his firm opinions on what Michigan's needs. About many things, he was right, and he took all the questions and addressed them.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Some more Lions

I'm getting excited for a Detroit Lions playoff game. Wow, can you believe it could really happen? They've already accomplished the winning season, and already, that's not enough. Hope the chips fall so the get the post-season spot, because once there, you never know.

As for a successful season, making the playoffs along with a non-disastrous end is good enough for me. (i.e. Wayne Fontes trip to Philadelphia.)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A critic

It's nice to see we're being read here at, enough so to have our critics.

This article, or blog posting, here notes that mlive staffers enjoy mocking our tabloidesque features of finding water cooler type of crime stories, such as this story about The Grand Rapids Press' top sports columnist and his marijuana grow house bust.

Of course, mlive's owners, Booth Newspapers, while cutting staff greatly and cutting salaries of staffers who survive, allowed Mayo to continue working, showcasing a classy organization. They also continued the move of daily papers cutting daily delivery, allowing The Oakland Press to become, I believe, Michigan's largest daily delivered newspaper.

But yes, we have fun finding stories that readers like to read, share and comment upon. We know there are different audiences online than home delivery. If there's a teacher having sex (with a student) or a sports columnist growing DA BOMB (or the medical mary), we will share those exploits with our readers online for sure, and possibly in print.

Mr. Wattrick should consider himself lucky to work for such a fine organization that would keep on a convicted felon. Of course, another fine and longtime sports columnist, Greg Johnson, is being dismissed from The Grand Rapids Press, not for any kind of felonious activity, other than drawing a salary, which was apparently too big to keep paying.

It's a tough time in this state, in country, in this industry and at times within our respective companies. We should enjoy the opportunity to work as we do while we still can.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Probation fair

Several suggested that Democratic party leader who created the fake Tea Party candidates, or helped facilitate the fraud, should have gone to jail or prison.

Instead of jail, he was given probation, which is fair. Why? So many cases involving first-time crimes end up with probation, a special case should be made because this crime happens to be politically motivated. The crime still embarrasses the party. The crime could ruin the accused, who pleaded no contest.

But in court, it should always be fair. If a first-time fraud case is generally something that brings probation, then that should stay the same. Even when politics is involved.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

No hazing charges

Of course, there are no charges related to the hazing because the witnesses and the victim are not going to get into the nitty gritty details, and as long as everyone says the event was fun, then no crime was committed.

But now that we know there's no crime, how about letting us see the video???? The prosecutors say the victim was not a victim and told police that he was laughing and could get loose anytime. Ok, great, let's see the video. It doesn't sound that bad.

Because I'm wondering why so much was made of this by the people who did see the video, such as school going into full lock down mode with the wagons circled and coaches (assistants, not the head coach, the one in charge of the program) suspended.

Hmm. Seems like different opinions about the video. Let the viewers decide.


Suh dodges police report issue in Oregon

1. Police won't look further in the Ndamukong Suh accident in Portland, Oregon, because alcohol was not involved.

OK, that's fair...except two people who were hurt were allowed to leave the scene. Later, they call police and say they were hurt. Sounds like it might be a problem for Suh later if they Sue, or perhaps it's a problem for them because Suh could deny they were there. Either way, it seems like it's a crime when the police are deceived and something more happened.

Now as for Suh, it's not a problem, this accident, except he's out at 1 a.m. riding around with ladies near a club while he's on suspension. Plus, it sounds like he's a terrible driver.

Should the Lions be concerned? Perhaps not, except off-the-field problems can lead to on-the-field absences. And Suh doesn't get the Lions to the Super Bowl if he's suspended or injured.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

At least he wasn't drunk!

Ndamukong Suh kept his name in the headlines this weekend, when he missed the Detroit Lions primetime game against the not-so-long-ago Super Bowl champs New Orleans Saints.

He missed the game, but that 2-game stomping suspension gave the second-year pro time to go home to Oregon where he chummed with a couple of friends before crashing his 1970 Chrevrolet Coupe into a tree. He wasn't hurt and he wasn't drunk. It was early Saturday morning, but it appears the only damage is to Suh's pride and to his classic Chevy.

Actually, Suh hit a curb, light pole, a drinking fountain and then a tree. Ouch. (That ouch goes out to Suh's pride).

As for his Lions, their loss to the Saints did not really hurt the team. Of course, a win would have put them into a strong position for a home playoff game. But they are still in the playoff hunt as the Dallas Cowboys (7-5), the NY Giants (6-6), Atlanta (7-5), and Chicago (7-5) all lost. The 7-5 Lions still control their own destiny, which is all you want in football.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Night Exposure

I thought NBC might regret picking the Lions-Saints game tonight after Suh's suspension, but I think it's still one of the top games to watch today.

Furthermore, it gives the announcers plenty of controversy to discuss during the game, so it's a nice newsy event for them.

Now if only the Lions could get a season without a Suh suspension and without a Stafford injury. Playoff run?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Marijuana laws draw comments

People care about the marijuana laws. On our comments section, many vilify medical marijuana and have a grand old time making fun of those who endorse medical marijuana or legalization. Equally passionate, and equally mean-spirited, the proponents of legalization or medical use also comment harshly about the other side.

It's a very adversarial topic, which surprises me.

Today's story about the possible removal of the schedule one classification drew actual comments that consider the issue and not just hate between each side. Sure, you see a bit of the animosity, but this one is a good debate, considering the topic.

I mean if you're against the drug, do you still hate the user? And if you're for the drug's use, do you have to despise those against, considering it's been banned as a schedule 1 drug for decades, or almost a century.

I would think immigration would be a topic like this, and it is, but not medical marijuana. I'd think the pension tax would have people more up in arms, so perhaps these cultural divides are greater than I thought. Is it generational, too? Maybe a bit, but I think it's more where you stand in our culture.

Personally, it's a shame all the money spent fighting a war that will never be won, and this money is very important to a whole society of lawyers, cops, administrators and government people. Yet, teachers are the ones who are hated? If you hate teachers and their money, why not hate all the money spent on this war?

Here's a sample of comments on our latest story, and please note, these comments are the best and most constructive I've seen on a story about marijuana:

BigBoss-Osaurus wrote on Dec 1, 2011 5:18 PM:

" Time for the old guard to ride off into the sunset.
Its coming. "

rd rge wrote on Dec 1, 2011 5:27 PM:

" trying to find a way to tax it. but as easy as it is to grow, might as well tax the tomato plant in the garden. so changing it to a number 2 drug is a bit away. but the war is over. they lose. "

greedISbad wrote on Dec 1, 2011 6:19 PM:

" Oh, heck!! There's gotta be a better, quicker way than to wait for the government to OK pot. How about a good ol' fashioned revolution, eh! REVOLT!!!! "

thoughtful blogger wrote on Dec 1, 2011 6:32 PM:

" The only one hallucinating is Patterson when he doesn't get his required overdose of alcohol. I think they call it the hebee jebees. "

rd rge wrote on Dec 1, 2011 6:35 PM:

" how about a vote by the people? no,? i suppose that is against our national law. and unconstitutional! "

TheBoss wrote on Dec 1, 2011 9:39 PM:

" I am here to let you know that we've had multiple votes by the people. Every time a brave and noble warrior for justice like Bouchard, Snyder, or Schuette was elected, the people spoke loud and clear. We don't want this poison in our communities and we will persecute those who traffic in narco-terrorism. "

OldDog wrote on Dec 1, 2011 9:42 PM:

" Jessica Cooper, the C*** states: "But she said reclassification of marijuana would allow for manufacture by pharmaceutical companies, prescriptions from doctors and dispensing from pharmacies, just like any other medicines.

"Then we have what the people of this county and this state wanted," Cooper said. >>>>>>>>>>>>>> The people of this county and state voted on this and have no need for a change to please you and law enforcement. What the people wanted ?, what an un-flushed toilet you are Jessica. "

gps wrote on Dec 1, 2011 10:23 PM:

" I have smoked a fair amount of pot in my lifetime and never once have I hallucinated.
Reclassification should also include removing this label. "

TheBoss wrote on Dec 1, 2011 11:28 PM:

" You just THOUGHT you weren't hallucinating, which in itself is a hallucination. "

GrEeDiSbAd wrote on Dec 2, 2011 12:02 AM:

" The sign-in is not case-sensitive. Nice! It seems we have another 'Boss' here, spouting the same crap as 'BigBoss', and the same twisted loyalties for stoopid government members. I dunno, what part of "minority" does 'Boss' NOT understand? Democracy, which is what our government is based on, means 'majority rule'. Or, as good ol' Abe Lincoln put it > government of the people, by the people, for the people. Right? "

Nacho Panza wrote on Dec 2, 2011 6:48 AM:

" A DEA administrative judge already ruled marijuana safe back in 1988- this was the last time the federal government allowed a fair trial in regard to setting marijuana policy.

Legislators are only now catching on to the idea, mainly because the majority of the population has been taking measures into their own hands. L. Brooks Patterson indicates an obvious lack of education on cannabis.
DEA judge ruling marijuana "safe and therapeutic"
National Cancer Institute's history of marijuana as medicine
Kalamazoo lowers marijuana priority to improve public safety "

TheBoss wrote on Dec 2, 2011 7:47 AM:

" I support democracy, which is why I believe in what Bill Schuette is doing. He was elected in a democratic election by a majority of the people. His actions are just the manifestation of the will of the citizens of Michigan. It is clear we, the MAJORITY (aka the people who voted for Bill) don't want this dangerous and deadly drug in our communities. Too many kids are killing themselves these days, something that did happen in years past. Is it any coincidence that all these kids started dying right around the time people started flooding our schools and playgrounds with deadly "medical" marijuana? When you have dope dealers who are also coaching football, you know there's something wrong! Thank goodness that problem solved itself. "

BigBoss-Osaurus wrote on Dec 2, 2011 10:49 AM:

" The voters go duped on your beloved AG.
We won't be duped again. "


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Charie Sheen Dead? No, another hoax.

I wrote a story today about a Twitter trend about troubled actor Charlie Sheen, as people wondered if he had died in a snowboarding accident in the Swiss mountains.

I normally wouldn't have written such a piece but I couldn't ignore it, I felt, because many of the Twitter questions stemmed from a Detroit radio station's questioning of the information. They didn't report it as fact, but they talked about it and that led to other people talking about it. I felt something needed to be said to clear it up and I quoted some of the better Tweets about the issue.

Normally, I wouldn't write about a false rumor because then you're promoting the rumor, and these Internet death hoaxes aren't any fun at all. They make it so can't report that someone died, not as a news agency but simply as a person wanting to pass along a RIP to someone.

But something I've noticed, if I see something not in the news trending, I wonder if they are dead. That happened with Terry Crews, the actor and former football player. He was trending and I hadn't heard of anything he's doing just today.

I love Terry Crews and I got askeered when I saw he was trending cuz I thought he was boo-boo dead. :-\

Exactly, katerz1, exactly.

I also think they die if I heard a block of songs on the radio (except for Tuesday on the WRIF). Then it'll turn out to be a block party weekend and I say, ahhh, Keith still lives.

Good news month!

Well, actually it's November that ended with the good news, but I'm hoping that all this good economic news the last two days leads to a positive month that in turn leads to a great 2012.

We should could use it.

Chrysler auto sales are up 45 percent. GM is not too bad either, up 7 percent.
Employment is on the upswing; I just hope it's not all temporary.
The Dow jumped nearly 500 points after the world's central banks tried to give Europe some time to fix its mess; some work needs to be done or else Europe will just start sucking down the rest of the world's economy eventually.
Black Friday broke a record, meaning people are spending.
Cyber Monday was even better than last year, so people are still spending online.
New sales of homes are on the rise, and wow, fixing the economy's albatross could go a long long way.
Construction spending increased for a third straight month; people are spending money to build stuff, hiring as they do so.
Mortgage rates are still at about 4 percent, inspiring those with jobs to perhaps buy a house. Just don't buy too big.
And it looks like that payroll tax cut will be extended. Funny thing, Republicans thinking they can argue against millionaires being taxed as a reason to increase taxes on all of us. Hm.

Here's to a splendid December, folks.