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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Good news month!

Well, actually it's November that ended with the good news, but I'm hoping that all this good economic news the last two days leads to a positive month that in turn leads to a great 2012.

We should could use it.

Chrysler auto sales are up 45 percent. GM is not too bad either, up 7 percent.
Employment is on the upswing; I just hope it's not all temporary.
The Dow jumped nearly 500 points after the world's central banks tried to give Europe some time to fix its mess; some work needs to be done or else Europe will just start sucking down the rest of the world's economy eventually.
Black Friday broke a record, meaning people are spending.
Cyber Monday was even better than last year, so people are still spending online.
New sales of homes are on the rise, and wow, fixing the economy's albatross could go a long long way.
Construction spending increased for a third straight month; people are spending money to build stuff, hiring as they do so.
Mortgage rates are still at about 4 percent, inspiring those with jobs to perhaps buy a house. Just don't buy too big.
And it looks like that payroll tax cut will be extended. Funny thing, Republicans thinking they can argue against millionaires being taxed as a reason to increase taxes on all of us. Hm.

Here's to a splendid December, folks.



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