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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NBC not reporting on GE? Of course not

I'm not surprised at the recent criticisms of NBC Nightly News and NBC News in general for not reporting on a fascinating story out of New York, one that indicates one of America's most profitable companies paid no federal taxes.

GE made billions but has found enough loopholes to keep its tax bill to zero dollars. Of course, NBC is owned by General Electric and has little interest in airing its bosses' dirty laundry. Here's a good look at the issue.

I'm surprised they would totally ignore it, as that decision gives Daily Show host John Stewart something to accuse them off. Seems like tossing it in quietly and quickly would have done better. When I bounce between the three 6:30 p.m. national news broadcasts, I see generally the same stories, so it's noticeable if one story is ignored somewhere in particular.

And the news has been used so much as a way to promote network reality shows, that it's hard not to see the corporate shilling that is going on, especially with promotions of Dancing with the Stars, Biggest Loser or Celebrity Apprentice, or else American Idol -- especially when forced down on the local news stations (WXYZ's 7, WDIV's 4 or Fox2).

However, it's not like I'd believe any story at 6:30 p.m. that concerns medicines or other pharmaceuticals, considering that industry seems to pay for the right to get a 30-min worldview wrap up of the day's news.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Video shows truth (w/ strong language)

The video of medical marijuana advocates Candace and William Teichman meeting with sheriff's deputies about them harassing another officer reveals the patience needed by police officers when doing their job.

Of course, the deputies knew that the tape of running, but still, they showed incredible restraint while the couple proved itself volatile with downright uneducated rudeness.

Good job for the police in this one, but too bad the couple soiled a strong legal and public relations argument for medical marijuana. The fact that voters approved it tends to make most polls, it seems, in Michigan show a support for medical marijuana. But this couple cannot be the mouthpiece for those who feel local leaders are wrong about prosecuting the cases.

Shrewd move, of course, for this video to be removed, but such video shows the truth about who we're dealing with here. Like the NFL, NHL, NBA and even MLB, let's go to the video carries much weight.

What I can't get over is how rude they are to each other. Each one takes turns interrupting and shouting down their partner. Wow.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boo hiss NFL

Well, the NFL has gone and jumped the shark.
It's admitting that its game is too violent and it is making a move to reduce injuries... and take away from the excitement and fun.
The kickoffs go back to the 35, as they always were when I was growing, and from where they were moved in 1994 when the NFL (smart) wanted to increase the excitement of the game. Moving to the 30 yard line meant more returns, which means more fumbles (good), touchdowns or long returns (good), penalties (bad) and injuries (very bad).
The owners, currently embroiled in a lockout with players as they push for more money for ownership, less for players, as well as a longer season, went and made this move with very little debate and very little public discussion.
But I'm not buying it. If it's to say to the players, see we love you and care about your brains, well, it's opening the door to saying, we need to eliminate all injuries.
SO LONG, HELMETS and tackles and sacks and running backs plowing straight ahead for the first down.
So this is the beginning of the end of football as we know it.
I'm glad I'm getting into the ENGLISH PREMIERE LEAGUE soccer, or emmm, football. It's exciting, even if it's the 1-nil variety. Those guys konk their heads, and they don't wear helmets. And games change on a dime and goalies sure can blow it. I LOVE IT.
But I still would like NFL, my favorite sport.
I've always hated the league, going back to how they treat their television customers, which really is most of their customer base as so much money comes from TV. BUT oh, my, don't let the suck-ass Lions be shown OR ANY OTHER GAME.....(I get so bitter, even now during the off-season, I'd just love to the oversized govt come and hold hearing and get its big toe into the league... JUST END IT.).
But really, I'd like the game I used to love to be on TV this fall, I suppose.
I support the 18-game season. Do away with the playoff bye for the two best teams. Then the league would rock on into another glorious decade before common sense dictated that it end.
However, I also support the players and their quest for guaranteed money and a bigger part of the financial pie.
They need better pensions for older retired players and they need to guarantee money for players.
Then let them beat their f-in brains out, please.

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