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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A critic

It's nice to see we're being read here at, enough so to have our critics.

This article, or blog posting, here notes that mlive staffers enjoy mocking our tabloidesque features of finding water cooler type of crime stories, such as this story about The Grand Rapids Press' top sports columnist and his marijuana grow house bust.

Of course, mlive's owners, Booth Newspapers, while cutting staff greatly and cutting salaries of staffers who survive, allowed Mayo to continue working, showcasing a classy organization. They also continued the move of daily papers cutting daily delivery, allowing The Oakland Press to become, I believe, Michigan's largest daily delivered newspaper.

But yes, we have fun finding stories that readers like to read, share and comment upon. We know there are different audiences online than home delivery. If there's a teacher having sex (with a student) or a sports columnist growing DA BOMB (or the medical mary), we will share those exploits with our readers online for sure, and possibly in print.

Mr. Wattrick should consider himself lucky to work for such a fine organization that would keep on a convicted felon. Of course, another fine and longtime sports columnist, Greg Johnson, is being dismissed from The Grand Rapids Press, not for any kind of felonious activity, other than drawing a salary, which was apparently too big to keep paying.

It's a tough time in this state, in country, in this industry and at times within our respective companies. We should enjoy the opportunity to work as we do while we still can.


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