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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Suburbs versus city

For decades, leaders in Detroit and its surrounding suburbs, particularly Oakland County, enjoyed the back and forth of being adversaries. Often, they were wrapped racial politics. But as one area went from undeveloped to being developed, the other crumbled with shrinking population and failing infrastructures.

I'm late to commenting on this, but the recent profile in the New Yorker of L. Brooks Patterson overshadows his overall success as county executive. As many have noted, he has maintained a watchful eye that has created a healthy economic system in Oakland County.

Patterson's job has been to protect his turf.  It is the job of the governor and state to promote a healthy region. Too bad the local political battles couldn't be managed with more reasonable approaches from the state. But I find no fault with Brooks looking out for us, just as he is doing with our water bills and a Detroit water system that has been neglected.


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