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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Suh dodges police report issue in Oregon

1. Police won't look further in the Ndamukong Suh accident in Portland, Oregon, because alcohol was not involved.

OK, that's fair...except two people who were hurt were allowed to leave the scene. Later, they call police and say they were hurt. Sounds like it might be a problem for Suh later if they Sue, or perhaps it's a problem for them because Suh could deny they were there. Either way, it seems like it's a crime when the police are deceived and something more happened.

Now as for Suh, it's not a problem, this accident, except he's out at 1 a.m. riding around with ladies near a club while he's on suspension. Plus, it sounds like he's a terrible driver.

Should the Lions be concerned? Perhaps not, except off-the-field problems can lead to on-the-field absences. And Suh doesn't get the Lions to the Super Bowl if he's suspended or injured.

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