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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My oh Miley

You can't buy this kinda good press, because nothing beats supposed bad press when it comes to good press.

It is cute watching the former (already paid) customers complaining about the new product, which is being sold now to new customers, who are getting loads of glimpses into the grown up and gone bad Miley Cyrus they can now buy. This has long been apparent on the HuffingtonPost.coms of the Internet, but this week, it is everywhere, like a back to school sale.

I forget who I first saw make the comparison, one of the nightly news shows, but the similarities to Britney Spears is obvious. So whoever planned this out, they must be pleased with how the week has progressed.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Was it a tornado?

Check out the video. It may not have been a tornado technically, but it was a serious storm passing through Clarkston and northern Oakland County on July 23.

And if you're living there, hey, it's close enough! Thanks for the reader posting this video:

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Solving drunken driving

So how do you fix drunken driving, meaning stop it?

Doing so would save lives.

We had this comment on a recent story about a crash, from a reader, John:

"It is time we get serious about Drunk drivers. I would like to see the laws changed to the following:
1. A second offence, life in prison.
2. If you are stopped for DUI, and you are, that would be attempted assault with a deadly weapon.
3. If you are involved in any crash, but with no injuries, attempt to do great bodily harm.
4. If there are injuries, attempted murder.
5. if there is a death as a result of the crash, murder one."

That is tough on a crime, for sure, but would it work? It would certainly help.

I visited Finland years ago and went to a bar with a young man, and he drank non-alcoholic beer. I asked if he wanted to just have one, and he said. The law was tough there, including lengthy jail sentences. People were still arrested and jailed. But there was more. He had a small plane pilots license and a single conviction meant a lifetime ban on flying.

He wasn't going to risk it.

More people wouldn't risk it if lengthy jail terms followed simple convictions.

Buying someone a drink just got riskier

The woman and the bar have already faced sanctions after a fatal crash in Texas, but now prosecutors are looking at the man who bought her the last drinks before she drove home.

According to, the woman had consumed more than a dozen drinks, including shots and beers, in just a few hours before trying to drive home from the Texas bar, where she had been stumbling around. reports that the man, Kambiz Duran, is charged with a misdemeanor. The bar was cited, and the woman, Nicole Baukus, charged with the vehicular homicide. Should the man who bought her drinks, if she was visibly intoxicated and intent on leaving, be held criminally responsible in the death?

Monday, August 5, 2013

My Touts

Here is a look at what I've done on Tout, the quick social media video platform:

Mr. Busted moves on after being busted

Yes, Chris Hansen has not committed any crime.

However, he did savor the act of busting on camera and confronting possible sex offenders, men believing they were going to get it on with a young teenager, someone too young to have sex legally. Interestingly, "To Catch a Predator," blurred the lines between reality TV and journalism, between law enforcement/entrapment and investigative journalism.

I liked the show. It was compelling TV, simply stunning in catching people as they were arrested and exposed publicly. Funny, how the charges in court and arrest is most serious, but for some, it seemed being on TV was the worst part. Talk about the worst of both worlds.

But the entrapment is troubling. Like with drugs, it's OK, it seems, if police buy drugs and arrest the supplier. But when police sell drugs and then arrest the buyer, would a crime have been committed without the police? And what about repeated sales, allowing the buyer to reach a higher platform of sentencing? If they broke the law for real, why allow them to leave and come back later to buy more?

Anyway, Chris Hansen got his as the media was ready for a story of the gotchya reporter getting caught with his hands in the cookie jar, and very busy hands they did seem to be.

Here's a story we had today, as Hansen has finally been chased from NBC:

According to reports, NBC News' host Chris Hansen, who previously worked in Detroit, is leaving the network.
TV Guide first reported the news about Hansen, who has been embroiled in his own sex scandal. His wife caught the popular host in an affair, the reported. A woman has written an open letter about their affair.
Henson is from Michigan and reported for both WXYZ-7 and WDIV-4 in Detroit before moving to NBC in 1993.
His popular show, "To Catch a Predator," relied on hidden camera videos showcasing a steady stream of men showing up for supposed sexual encounters with young or underage teenagers. The show then highlighted their arrests and even the processing and interviewing of the suspects by detectives.
After a suicide and subsequent lawsuit as well as complaints about the tactics, which scared potential advertisers, however, the segments stopped appearing on "Dateline," despite a win for an Emmy for Hansen.
The cameras then turned onto Hansen and his personal life, culminating in the first-person letter in the National Enquire and a report of an affiar with a stripper.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Classic car videos

How do you winterize your classic car?

Here are classic car videos:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bill Clinton twitpic fun

It looks like an exceptionally worthy cause but the photo sent via Twitter of former President Bill Clinton raised my eyebrows.

With more than 900,000 followers, less than NPR's Scott Simon, @BillClinton sent out this picture:

He's the president to send this out, that's for sure, and hopefully, he doesn't delete it.

Of course, this is what can happen when someone else is doing the tweeting for you, as I'm sure happens with some of the bigger wigs.