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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

School to child: Change name due to weapons policy

Yes, the school offcials suggested changing the name of the child because of the school policy. But it's not saying the name, it's the signing of the name, Hunter.
And the boy is deaf, so the sign for Hunter is like aiming a pistol or handgun, violating a zero policy take on anything resembling a weapon, according to a report in the
The school in question is a Nebraska preschool, where Hunter Spanjer, the 3-year-old deaf boy, goes to school.
Luckily, I say, the parents have balked. Many districts are already second-guessing this sort of weapons zero policy that makes policy makers look like morons. Suggesting a name change for a 3 year old is the height of failing to find solutions. And this is supposed to be a place where children learn to think.
The school board seems open to a compromise, so let's hope a little national embarrassment leads to a little common sense.
Read more about this boy's name and how the parents are sticking to the name.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lawyer problems

Again, someone wants to delay the inevitable by playing lawyer games.

Just as with David Griem and his client, Bob Bashara, now it is Kwame Kilpatrick, Detroit's master of corruption, as he is practically known, seeing how they can't get Robert Ficano to resign, is in court today to get a new lawyer.

Again, no dice. (However, I must note Griem's last minute request was initially denied but he was later allowed to leave the case, as it seems is his MO in cases of husbands suspected of killing their wives.)

Kilpatrick is accused of nothing so bad. His case stems from his time as Detroit's two-term wonderboy mayor. He was the hip hop mayor. King of elected bling.

Federal cases already take so long, where's the justice in that system? Thank goodness the judge said, keep the lawyer you've had for years and we're going to trial soon.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Bold at the bottom

You put the graham cracker at the bottom of the pie and everyone's favorite pudding on the top.

That's why I wonder if boring old Mitt Romney will be overshadowed by his 'bold,' as many pundits have praisingly put it, running mate, Paul Ryan.

I think the bold part of the ticket needs to be at the top. What's it mean when the bold ideas are at the bottom, what, to be pulled out in eight years?