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Friday, May 29, 2009

Two days, two games

Hey, some people are complaining about two games in two days.
Seems alright to me.
It helps the NHL, first by getting the games done on weekends and
getting better exposure on NBC.
It's two games in two days, yes, grueling, especially if there's an
overtime, or four.
But both teams play both days. It's not like the Wings finished with
the 'Hawks tonight and then open against the rested Penguins the next
It actually helps the Wings, because Pittsburgh relies on its stars
more than the Wings.
So, I'm looking forward to a double dose of hopefully some
spectacular injuries, I mean, plays.
Hey, aren't hockey players supposed to be tough guys?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Game Seven tonight.... will it be the flash of Crosby or the
wild skill of Ovechkin?
I'm hoping for the Caps, but I just want another shoot out, or even
another double hat trick.
I liked seeing Sergei Federov rise up in the last game 7, leading the
Caps past the Rangers.
And the Ducks in Detroit should be another nice TV treat for Thursday.
Go stress.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Gas price signs and STDs

Motoring to work this morning, a Sunoco sign caught my attention on
Perry Street.
Under the unleaded regular and improved unleaded, the third price
called for $5.42.
I knew gas prices were going up. The first two numbers were something
like $2.25, meaning gas had jumped in Pontiac up from $2.19-a-gallon,
which I had paid on Thursday.
Generally a dime or two below higher priced areas, such as Rochester
Hills or near I-75, I figured other places were going up for the
weekend, too.
But more than $5, I thought maybe it was a preview to the summer, a
joke by an attendant. Or something happened to diesel, I wondered.
As I passed, I looked closer and saw that was the price for a pack of
Newports. I don't normally see the prices for a pack of smokes listed
with the gas prices, but hey, any sort of marketing works nowadays
and it should be used.
It beats the other sign I see on Huron Street, where on the side of a
building I see STD Contractors.
I know it's not a massage parlor but the name would work for one of