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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Love the hangout on Google+

I love the hangout feature on my news social media site, Google+, so much so that it is the primary feature that draws me to the service.

I'm on Twitter and Facebook and even LinkedIn but adding one seemed an alright idea because it is tied to Google, a company I happen to like because it is not steered me wrong before. Gmail is a great product. GoogleNews is a complete look at what's going on.

Today, we at The Oakland Press, with our partners at The Macomb Daily, interviewed the governor via Google Hangout, all on video and all connected electronically and digitally.

Gov. Rick Snyder loves this stuff, and using new tools and new innovations to save time and money are essential to improving government and business in Michigan.

As always, Snyder had plenty of good things to say. He had his wit, his strong quotes, and his firm opinions on what Michigan's needs. About many things, he was right, and he took all the questions and addressed them.


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