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Friday, July 23, 2010

Further investigation?

Funny comment I saw this week:

About the Agriculture Dept. lady who was forced to resign, an official said that after further investigation, they may want her back.

Further investigation? You mean watching the whole video and not just the youtube clip?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Some questions on charges and driving ordinances

Couple of things I'm wondering at the end of this week?

If Troy's millage had passed, would they have passed this driving ordinance? I'm surprised they're not doing more to fix the budget in light of the millage's defeat. Oh, wait, maybe they are...with this driving ordinance?

I'm not totally buying the idea of massive cuts being faced by the city, and the council decides to lead the state in driving safety efforts.

And why does the Oakland County Prosecutor send out a press release announcing murder charges on significant older cases at 4:45 p.m. Friday. Isn't there a time to discuss things with the public, meaning making a call and explaining why this person is being charged - even in general, non-specific terms? What's there to hide?

Of course, perhaps they're just understaffed and too busy. I know we all are it seems in the non-public sector.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The (real) Boss

George Steinbrenner died today, having already left the spotlight and management of his team to his sons due to his failing health.

He was the perfect leader for the world's biggest team (sorry, Dallas Cowboys and LA Lakers and even Man United) as our world moved ahead into the Internet age.

As much marketing as one could do nowadays, Steinbrenner went into with a smile, a fierce drive to succeed, a sense of humor and a willingness to change and get it done.

Sure, he joined the joke with the firing and rehiring of so many managers and the public fights with players. What Steinbrenner did in the 1970s became the standard for the limelight nowadays. LeBron of 2010 is pure George of 1977. In the latter 1990s, Steinbrenner cemented his reputation.

What a story! The guy takes over baseball's best team and leads them to seven titles, breaking up a streak of 15 title-less years and then ending another streak of failure while still on the clock.

Have a good one, George.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tired of LeBron? Not me

I don't get the angst over LeBron and the media attention he's receiving.

Well, he's always received a lot of attention, but suddenly, the ESPN show tonight, in which he will announce where he will play next year, has become too much for many people. I've seen people complain on Facebook, Twitter and today's Detroit Free Press.

Hmmmm. Ignore it.

The NBA is my least favorite of the four major pro sports leagues, but I admit a bit of interest in where King James, who is now on Twitter, ends up. It's a story that will impact the league and it features a little bit of drama. I'm not going to watch the ESPN special, but I will pay attention and perhaps check out one of the ESPNs to see where he goes.

It's just that there are plenty of other things to complain about, express displeasure with, or with which to find symptoms of our society's imminent doom. The world's biggest sports network focusing on the changing (or staying) of the one of the industry's biggest stars is not that annoying, troubling or discouraging.

Oh, and for my guess. I think the best story would be either him staying in Cleveland or going to the LA Clippers. I'm afraid, though, that he's going to Miami.

Here's the results of our poll, asking readers where they thought he'd end up:
Clippers - 11%
Cavs - 41%
Knicks - 11%
Nets - 5%
Bulls - 15%
Heat - 18%

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lohan brightens at least one day

OK, I'm not one to follow celebrity gossip, but it was nice to see on the 6:30 p.m. nightly news on Tuesday that Lindsay Lohan's probation violation hearing had ended with a little surprise.

The pokey.



Jailed. Well, she was not jailed yet, so she still is living a little differently than you or I. Generally, when the judge says jail, someone escorts you there immediately, giving first a pair of shiny new handcuffs for the journey. She gets a couple of weeks. But the 90-day sentence (offered in three 30-day terms that are to be run consecutively instead of concurrently) was higher than most expected.

Good for Ms. Lohan. But the tears????? I know I said that the ump, Jim Joyce, who blew the perfect game call shouldn't have been crying. Lohan could have cried a little bit, I'll give her that, but she reacted as if she'd been given a 3-to-7 year prison term. 90 days???? That'd be a good break to get away from it all, though I'm not volunteering.... unless our office doesn't get the AC fixed soon.


Of course, Lohan could have been done with this whole thing, if she'd just taken the alcohol classes ordered for her convictions, which stemmed from driving drunk and with cocaine in her system. The 3-year probation term was high, but it would have been over if she had just completed her classes.

Just goes to show that even a little nobody with half a brain can be the same as a half-brained 'celebrity' with a team of attorneys and publicists — everyone wants to skip out of the court-ordered duties. Don't go to court, but if you do, take care of your business. Please.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Power company getting some love

I lost power during one of the recent storms and I was pleased with a fairly quick repair. I was out overnight but got it back by 4 p.m. the next day.

I have noticed, until just now, no stories about concerns about blackouts, or brown outs, due to the excessive heat and the massive power usage.

Let's hope that DTE and the rest of the companies can keep us going. Because it HOT out there (and in here, too).

Bob Probert

I didn't follow hockey much when Bob Probert started his playing career, but his rise within the league helped push along my interest.

I was a teenager and had just moved that year to Michigan from Tennessee and a pre-game article highlighted the fact that this youngster with the NY Rangers, Tie Domi, was ready to take on Probert. Obviously, the fight - which occurred in the opening minute of the game - was the key highlight.

I was into hockey and I was into this guy Probert. Of course, his life story remained a public interest as this on-ice battles were replaced with his off-ice struggles. He died Monday at age 45 while boating on Lake St. Clair.

Though troubled, he was an admirable spokesman for his sport and a strong ambassador for his team and city.

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