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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wow from Maui; domestic violence can hit the good life

Wow. Tragic story 0ur of West Bloomfield, with a husband now a suspect in his wife's death. First, it's a unique story in how it came about - a tip from hospital where the man was a patient. Injured himself, he says there's someone else hurt at home. She's dead.

Now it appears he was living the good life, but based on his being sued by a bank and recently sued for divorce, it was not so good. The videos he made promoting a stay-at-home, don't-really-work, make-tons-o-money from doing something we don't need to bother getting specific about lifestyle show the cracks in the foundation.

Again, wow. You can go to youtube and hear him offer this up himself, in his own voice. About 300 people had watched the videos, or a couple people a hundred and so times. That's bound to go up.

What amazes me is that I've been right on one of the Hawaiian beaches he was one, promoting the good life. Of course, my internet business - as online editor - doesn't pay enough for the good life so I was there for only a week, and I stayed with family for free.

Such a shame for the rest of the family.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dream Cruise

We're working to provide live coverage of the Woodward Dream Cruise, both Friday and Saturday.

What do you do for the Cruise? Stick around or get outta town? Cruise yourself or just check out other classics?

I used to avoid, though I've worked it and worked around it before. Now, I'll be in the middle of it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Arts, Beats, Eats and Guns

Weirdest part of the open carry gun debate raging in Royal Oak, where the city council also took on the marijuana dispenser factions this week, is this: The topic never came up in all the years the Labor Day event was held in Pontiac.

I know how guns, violence and crime stories out of Pontiac inspire readers to degrade the city, and the idea of open carry advocates coming to Pontiac to practice what they preach would have prompted hundreds of comments on stories. Yet it never came up.

And here it is, the first time Arts, Beats and Eats leaves the city, a gun issue comes up. Wow. They can't win, unless controversy creates feet on the street.

We'll see, and we'll be watching at The Oakland Press.