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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tired of LeBron? Not me

I don't get the angst over LeBron and the media attention he's receiving.

Well, he's always received a lot of attention, but suddenly, the ESPN show tonight, in which he will announce where he will play next year, has become too much for many people. I've seen people complain on Facebook, Twitter and today's Detroit Free Press.

Hmmmm. Ignore it.

The NBA is my least favorite of the four major pro sports leagues, but I admit a bit of interest in where King James, who is now on Twitter, ends up. It's a story that will impact the league and it features a little bit of drama. I'm not going to watch the ESPN special, but I will pay attention and perhaps check out one of the ESPNs to see where he goes.

It's just that there are plenty of other things to complain about, express displeasure with, or with which to find symptoms of our society's imminent doom. The world's biggest sports network focusing on the changing (or staying) of the one of the industry's biggest stars is not that annoying, troubling or discouraging.

Oh, and for my guess. I think the best story would be either him staying in Cleveland or going to the LA Clippers. I'm afraid, though, that he's going to Miami.

Here's the results of our poll, asking readers where they thought he'd end up:
Clippers - 11%
Cavs - 41%
Knicks - 11%
Nets - 5%
Bulls - 15%
Heat - 18%


Blogger Stephen Frye said...

Well, he'll regret not going to the Clippers. Because he'll have to win a lot of titles to be mentioned in the company of the five greats: Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Tim Duncan, and Kobe Bryant. All those guys took their teams to the title, not jumping ship to team with someone else to make the championship.

Shaq and Kareem were great players and the numbers prove it, but they're hired guns when it comes to winning...which is supposedly what this is all about.

Magic and Kobe won those titles with the help of a talented big guy and numerous other role players.

Dwayne Wade already has a title, so LeBron is not bringing Miami anything it doesn't already have.

IF they somehow win six more, well then, here's what LeBron gets with that ... a huge payday with endorsements. So good for him. Except now he has a bulleye on his back, and if he couldn't get past the Celtics these last two years, I don't see a champion. I see hype.

Hype can pay, yes, but not if you're after history.

July 13, 2010 at 12:19 PM 
Blogger Frog said...

This isn't just you, but many people have shown this type of logic that baffles me.

They claim James is a narcissistic ego maniac who only cares about his image and money.

He then proceeds to leave the extra money Cleveland could have offered as well the responsibility of being "That Guy" on a team... go to a team he thinks gives him the best chance to win, where he will play for less money with good friends.

Which makes him stupid because now his legacy will be hurt by not winning alone.

So which is it? Is James a narcissist who pads his ego? Or the guy taking the "easy way out" to win a championship?

He can't be both.

July 13, 2010 at 1:36 PM 
Blogger Stephen Frye said...

Good point. The money is a moot point because he gets so much either way. He's made his money and he'll make a lot more. And endorsements will bring him more.

He did take the easy way out by teaming with players he thinks can bring him his crowns. Of course, he's created the challenge by stating he thinks they can win more than a half dozen titles. So he's up for the challenge.

And I haven't heard him say he cares about history and his place in it; that's my assumption.

Just think, though, if he had taken the Clippers past the Lakers. That would be a challenge.

July 13, 2010 at 1:50 PM 

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