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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The (real) Boss

George Steinbrenner died today, having already left the spotlight and management of his team to his sons due to his failing health.

He was the perfect leader for the world's biggest team (sorry, Dallas Cowboys and LA Lakers and even Man United) as our world moved ahead into the Internet age.

As much marketing as one could do nowadays, Steinbrenner went into with a smile, a fierce drive to succeed, a sense of humor and a willingness to change and get it done.

Sure, he joined the joke with the firing and rehiring of so many managers and the public fights with players. What Steinbrenner did in the 1970s became the standard for the limelight nowadays. LeBron of 2010 is pure George of 1977. In the latter 1990s, Steinbrenner cemented his reputation.

What a story! The guy takes over baseball's best team and leads them to seven titles, breaking up a streak of 15 title-less years and then ending another streak of failure while still on the clock.

Have a good one, George.


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