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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Video shows truth (w/ strong language)

The video of medical marijuana advocates Candace and William Teichman meeting with sheriff's deputies about them harassing another officer reveals the patience needed by police officers when doing their job.

Of course, the deputies knew that the tape of running, but still, they showed incredible restraint while the couple proved itself volatile with downright uneducated rudeness.

Good job for the police in this one, but too bad the couple soiled a strong legal and public relations argument for medical marijuana. The fact that voters approved it tends to make most polls, it seems, in Michigan show a support for medical marijuana. But this couple cannot be the mouthpiece for those who feel local leaders are wrong about prosecuting the cases.

Shrewd move, of course, for this video to be removed, but such video shows the truth about who we're dealing with here. Like the NFL, NHL, NBA and even MLB, let's go to the video carries much weight.

What I can't get over is how rude they are to each other. Each one takes turns interrupting and shouting down their partner. Wow.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is probably not the right place to post this, but seeing there is no other place to post on the matters that actually mean something to us the people - the citizens of Oakland County, I must take any opportunity I can get. So, I want to post about the recent raides by local and federal "authorities." STOP, STOP NOW! The people have voted - a majority vote on the medical marijuana law. We the people are not intimidated by your tactics - terror tactics. We are getting angry if anything and have every right to be. We have spoken and you continue to listen with def ears. Unless you want an Egypt or even Libya situation right here on American soil - right here on Michigan soil, I suggest you listen and listen with both ears open. We are the majority and YOU are the minority. I, like countless others are prepared to fight for our rights. It does not matter if we are medical marijuana patients or not. We voted, and you continue to ignore our vote. So, I must ask; if you are not here to protect our rights, what are you here for? This will not do. You are paid by us - our tax dollars - therefore work for us - protecting our "rights" - our votes.

- These two in question here are worthless and deserve what they get. I do not condone their alleged activities, but rather speak for those who are following their beliefs and laws.

April 13, 2011 at 12:52 PM 

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