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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Solving drunken driving

So how do you fix drunken driving, meaning stop it?

Doing so would save lives.

We had this comment on a recent story about a crash, from a reader, John:

"It is time we get serious about Drunk drivers. I would like to see the laws changed to the following:
1. A second offence, life in prison.
2. If you are stopped for DUI, and you are, that would be attempted assault with a deadly weapon.
3. If you are involved in any crash, but with no injuries, attempt to do great bodily harm.
4. If there are injuries, attempted murder.
5. if there is a death as a result of the crash, murder one."

That is tough on a crime, for sure, but would it work? It would certainly help.

I visited Finland years ago and went to a bar with a young man, and he drank non-alcoholic beer. I asked if he wanted to just have one, and he said. The law was tough there, including lengthy jail sentences. People were still arrested and jailed. But there was more. He had a small plane pilots license and a single conviction meant a lifetime ban on flying.

He wasn't going to risk it.

More people wouldn't risk it if lengthy jail terms followed simple convictions.


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