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Monday, February 28, 2011

Charlie Sheen is right?

Of course not, when it comes to substance abuse and attempted recovery.

However, I believe Charlie Sheen nailed it on the head when he said on a radio program that he said to his boss, “I've spent the last decade turning your tin cans into gold."

The show, Two and a Half Men, is stupid, so I assume most of the success comes not from the writers but from the team of actors, which is led by Sheen.

I'm guided more to 30 Rock and Modern Family, but I'll give Sheen his due; his show is number one after eight seasons. Reruns earn great ratings. Fans of the show appear to not be getting tired of it. So in the fight between his bosses (network and producer Chuck Lorre) and the star (lit up Tiger-blooded Sheen), I'm taking the star.

Plus, if more people in Hollywood followed his example and worked without a publicist, think how entertaining TV would become, especially the news. Oh my. I can only hope.

Here's to Sheen returning with a $3 million-an-episode contract and proof that not everything has to be so processed and canned.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boy, falling fast in Libya

Moammar Gadhafi had a good run, getting off the terrorism list with G. W. Bush and then obtaining freedom of the airline bomber from the UK.

What happened? It seemed like he was out of our hair and free to run his own country as he liked.

Turned out the people didn't care to much for that, and now, as they've done in Egypt and Tunisia, the people are rising up. Of course, Gadhafi is biting back, but if he bites too hard, he'll end up back on our shit list and that won't be good for dominating his Libya.

Just shows how change can be inevitable.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Interesting times

Budget battles bring out the best in Americans, always passionate for proper resources from their local and state governments but always mindful of property and income taxes. This year is more heated, of course, because, well, it's this year.

But Wisconsin does take the cake. Very interesting stuff over there, if looking at the strategies (RUN!, very Dillengeresque) and the stakes (Huge!).

Too bad places like Libya and Egypt don't have budget battles, where this sort of disagreement could be handled, instead waiting decades for their parties to end and for the streets to replace orderly change.