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Friday, May 8, 2009

Gas price signs and STDs

Motoring to work this morning, a Sunoco sign caught my attention on
Perry Street.
Under the unleaded regular and improved unleaded, the third price
called for $5.42.
I knew gas prices were going up. The first two numbers were something
like $2.25, meaning gas had jumped in Pontiac up from $2.19-a-gallon,
which I had paid on Thursday.
Generally a dime or two below higher priced areas, such as Rochester
Hills or near I-75, I figured other places were going up for the
weekend, too.
But more than $5, I thought maybe it was a preview to the summer, a
joke by an attendant. Or something happened to diesel, I wondered.
As I passed, I looked closer and saw that was the price for a pack of
Newports. I don't normally see the prices for a pack of smokes listed
with the gas prices, but hey, any sort of marketing works nowadays
and it should be used.
It beats the other sign I see on Huron Street, where on the side of a
building I see STD Contractors.
I know it's not a massage parlor but the name would work for one of


Blogger Karen Workman said...

You're hilarious

May 12, 2009 at 6:55 AM 

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