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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Detroit bankruptcy

Lots of news about Detroit's bankruptcy approval, though to me this is the expected result following the earlier decisions of the governor to install an emergency manager and for them to move into bankruptcy. There was no way they were going to step back from that. The economy and budget have not gotten better. There's still the debt.

If the city had been ruled ineligible, then it would have been a temporary stop on the way into bankruptcy.

The bigger news for the soccer fans in all of us, announced today, are the pots for the World Cup draw, and wondering which 4-nation group the US will fall into. Simulate the effort here. Basically, if we get Brazil or Spain, we are in very poor shape, as there's likelihood that another strong contender could get into the group. Only 2 teams advance to the playoff round.

Read more on it here from Deadspin.