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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Judge's comments are interesting

It's an old and familiar story: Adult has sex with teenager. Used to be legal at 16 but if one is a coach or a teacher or boss, then the sex is illegal for two more years.

And it is wrong for the representatives of the Macomb coach on his way to jail to blame the girl, who is the victim in the eyes of the court and society, as the 'aggressor.' Yet they do anyway, from the point of view it wasn't a coerced rape. But it's illegal and the adult should know better, prosecutors and judges (and society) agrees.

But the judge says something else, according to the Macomb Daily story:

Judge Mary Chrzanowski agreed with (assistant prosecutor) Blank.
“She was 16. In my eyes, and I’m sure in the eyes of her parents, she’s still a baby,” Chrzanowski said. “She lacks the ability... to know the difference between right and wrong, and he was entrusted with the responsibility to know right from wrong.”

Lacks the ability to know right and wrong? Something was left out of the quote, so I don't want to be too directly questioning.

But 16 year olds do know the difference between right and wrong, and many of them go to prison.

Now, the Supreme Court agrees with the judge, kinda, outlawing mandatory life sentences with no parole for offenders under 18. But they can still get life in prison, it's just not mandatory.

I do think teenagers lack the ability to measure consequences, but my thoughts on this comment, perhaps we need more compassion when teenagers commit crimes. Seems like this judge agrees.

As for this case, the coach is lucky to be going to jail for a few months instead of prison. And it's not the girl's fault. The adult should have known better and did know better.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


This year's election stories proved a quick hit for news organizations, perhaps readers/viewers don't want to be overwhelmed by what is to come next year, when the election cycle will be much longer.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween is a great time for photos

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