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Friday, November 25, 2011

A stomp is a stomp and so forth

Ha. Only he and the 'man upstairs' knows what was in his head and whatever we think is wrong.

Sounds like crap an agent would come up with .... especially as he repeated the BS word for word.

Ndamukong Suh lied about the stomp, I presume. He's now apologized, kinda, it seems, on Facebook, something the earlier agent likely realized needed to be added to the mix. Reading the apology was difficult, with his presumed commitment to winning and being a professional, as he still couldn't admit to what he was apologizing for. Run for office, if you want to play games like that.

I like, as Lions fan, having a player who shakes things up, who takes a penalty when playing all out and tough. Hey, lots of championships have gone to jerks, cheaters and do-anything-to-winners. You want those guys on your team.

But having to listen to his garbage after the fact.... no, I'd rather listen to presidential candidates recalling paychecks, justifying sexual harassment payoffs and explaining away prior hiring of illegals. Getting thick in here!

But if Suh is going to keep losing his cool and costing his team, they have to decide if he's worth having around and if he's worth having to keep explaining away his actions and his troublesome recollections. And speaking for what the 'man upstairs' knows or doesn't know? Leave that to the Sunday morning preachers and focus on tackling quarterbacks.


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