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Friday, November 4, 2011

Hazing, where is the evidence?

This hazing controversy at Walled Lake Western High School is very simple.

The entire thing started, according to the story as I've read and heard it, when someone reacted to an online posting of a video of the event.

The video was taken down.

A report was made to the police. The boy hazed hired a lawyer (very smart move; no one else is looking out for this guy's interest....absolutely no one in the district, that's for sure). Two assistant coaches were suspended or fired. Five players were suspended for just two games, allowing them back in time for the valued playoff run.

Now, we zip all over in the press and at a public meeting. Fake letters are sent out. Perhaps the boy is coerced into signing a letter. Perhaps some class warfare reveals itself. Wagons are circled. Denials are made. Mouths are zipped.

But here's what we know: A video exists.

Many people have said that nothing much happened and that this wasn't assaultive, hazing, bullying or even hurtful. It was just fun. It was consensual, some have said or hinted.

So, show the tape.

If it's not that bad, and if no crimes were committed, no rules broken, no policies violated: SHOW THE VIDEO.

But there's no video being shown. What's that tell me? That the video is of something assaultive, against the policy, violating of rules, and perhaps even criminal.

That's the only reason any evidence is hidden.

The players who supposedly did nothing wrong have the evidence to clear themselves.... unless they actually did something very wrong.

Click here to read on this continuing story.
Oh, and I'm still waiting to hear from the 'man' in charge of the program, the head coach. The silence is deafening.

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