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Monday, November 14, 2011

SNL and the campaigns

It's the funniest five minutes of TV often, the one media-rich moment that gets the ultimate mock up treatment by the fine folks at "Saturday Night Live," perhaps the only reason the show is still on the air.

This week's moment was predicted, Gov. Rick Perry's meltdown.

Here's the video from Hulu as the SNL crew revisists the OU debate and Perry's memory.

Oh, and it's a good thing they had Perry's gaffe, as Joe Paterno and Penn State would have been a huge gamble to lead the show on Saturday night. The news segment was the best place to poke fun of this terrible story, and having the devil himself even offended is pretty darn funny(This is college football; not the Catholic Church). Also, nice, the devil getting his news from Ashton Kutcher's Twitter account.

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