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Friday, November 4, 2011

People speak out against hazing

In the first days, most of the comments about the hazing in Walled Lake were negative, against the victim. Things said included criticism of today's man, how they are more wuss than man because of the elimination of bullying and hazing.

Well, now that readers have gotten a taste of the circled wagons in Walled Lake, the tone is changing. This is from Facebook today, and I must note that the part at the end about being man enough to accept responsibility brings me back to the team's head coach, who has been very silent about the issue. (I personally think a true leader in the head coach position would offer to resign but keep assistant coaches and players on the team. Kim is right about true accountability having a longer lasting impact.)

Here's what readers said:

  • George Piliouras No way. The crowd wants their football team back to win, that's it. Mob mentality at it's best. His lame excuse about sending mixed messages about tying a principal to a pole is nonsense. That would be supervised fully. Great example dad, where's the accountability?
    35 minutes ago · · 1Loading...
  • Cathy Phillips Having been a teacher and coach in the district for many years, he knows the rules, he is there to enforce them and he not only didn't it was done at his home so I say no he should not be reinstated. Boys need to learn to grow into compassionate men, not neanderthals. Bullying is bullying no matter the name attached to it and every school, teacher, coach and parent should have a no tolerance policy for it.
    11 minutes ago ·
  • Kim Davis Eller
    First of all I think the assistant coach should take his punishment. Even if it was all in "good fun" letting that happen in your home is just plain wrong. We all make mistakes and we all have to pay the consequences. It shows more chara...cter to stand up and take responsibility than to blame the school because they didn't train him. I haven't had any formal parenting training but I know if my kids are duct taping someone to a pole it isn't a good thing. He should acknowledge his mistake, take responsibility and set an example that these boys will remember long after they hang up their jerseys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve, have you notioed articles and op-eds running as new multiple times on the website? The Komorn medical mj opinion piece showed up for the second time. An article about people running for the vacant Melton seat appeared as new for the third time today. ?????

November 6, 2011 at 1:42 PM 

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