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Monday, November 21, 2011

Justin Verlander wins AL MVP

He deserved it, but I must say that if he was to lose to anyone, Curtis Granderson would be that man.

But what a season both men had - Justin Verlander dominating from the mound and Curtis Granderson, a favorite former Tiger, dominating from the batter's box for the New York Yankees.

Both were Tiger favorites, and Verlander's popularity has only grown with his successes and domination.

I thought the trading of Granderson was questionable, but seeing how he has blossomed, it was a good idea to trade him. Meanwhile, we wonder what will Verlander do next, two no-hitters in a season, consecutive no hitters, a perfect game. Playoff success? That's what we really want, but for now, we're happy he gets another trophy (considering we made the playoffs and won a series.)

Congrats to both.


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