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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Matt Millen sympathetic figure?

Some speculation has arisen that dares to wonder if Matt Millen could be considered a sympathetic figure in the Detroit area, after having watched him cry like a baby about the state of our world, crimes against children, and the crumbling fortress around his school, Penn State.

Hm. Let's see. NO.

Hey Matt, child sexual abuse has been going on for a long time. While you were in Detroit, hundreds or maybe thousands of children were molested in Michigan, often by a boyfriend or male figure brought into the home by the mother. Many times, the mother didn't want to acknowledge the problem for fear of losing a male figure and potential support. Nothing new here, except for laws changing on how to punish such offenders and how to present evidence to juries about these crimes.

Crying like he's just learned about this makes him seem more unlikeable, someone immune to life's problems because of a sheltered existence. Crying because it's finally arisen at his beloved Penn State makes him seem like a hypocrite, like now the rest of society's problems are staining my shirt.

I still dislike Millen for what he did to the Lions, mostly for his refusal to admit that he was the worst at his job. Hey, the losing is the owner's fault, but this clown couldn't own up to what he couldn't do. Still hate hearing his voice talk about football. And I'm sickened watching this guy cry like a baby. Grow up.

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