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Thursday, November 17, 2011

NBA over?

I'm looking forward to the big story announcing the end of the NBA season.

Why? Not because I hate the NBA.

I like the occasional Pistons game. I like rooting either for or against Boston and always against the Lakers and now the Heat.

I enjoy the Pistons in playoff contention.

I don't like watching the slow-to-end games, the hype, the trash talk, the endlessness of the season. I swing back and forth when it comes to the entertainly annoying Mark Cuban.

But mostly, I'm hoping 2011-2012 is flushed so that we are further removed from both the NHL lockout and the MLB strike that cost the Indians a real shot at a World Series. People hated those two for so, as some fans can be so unforgiving.

The damage the NBA will do to itself will last for years, especially for fairweather fans who resent the fame and fortunes of so many of the jackasses who are talented hoopsters.

Plus, with no NBA season, no underclassmen from college will be in a hurry to leave. Now, if we could only legally pay the NCAA hoopsters....

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