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Friday, November 4, 2011

Judge beats daughter, debates why she released it

The judge who savagely beat his daughter with a belt several years ago, when she was 16, says she has released the tape now on YouTube because he was to cut her off and take her car away.


He still beat her savagely. I say savagely because I have daughters and I can't imagine beating them, or anyone, like that. I've gotten mad at dog and have whacked its bottom, but even with him, a 100-lb lab, I couldn't beat it with a belt. I feel bad if I have to yell at him after he barks at people.

The beating is lengthy and filled hateful-sounding anger. There is no control to teach a lesson. It's a bully session, with the wife stepping in to back up the crazed papa, who fitting with Texas' reputation holds an elected position of respect.

How backwards.

And again, he says the tape is out because he cut her off. She kinda regrets releasing it. I don't care about any of that. The proof is in the pudding. And this tastes like crap. It's good to see how it really happens, and how some people - probably more than you or I would ever guess - have this sort of capability within their souls.

One other thing, this kind of violence.... sorta thing you hear about when it comes to hazing. Seeing a tape will show whether it's violent or overblown.

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