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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Well, the census numbers are coming out and I must say I was not surprised that Michigan was losing people; however, I was shocked that we were the only state to lose people.


Now comes the political fun of watching the fights and complaints over the redistricting that occurs every ten years. A lot of damage can be done, but with everyone having a say (even without a vote), it makes for entertaining politics.

Remember, we talked about this months ago, when explaining why the state senate and house were so important. Locally, we discussed the issue too with local county leaderships. People could have voted, you know.

New phone

It's been about a month since I've bought my new phone, a Samsung Continuum.

Due to my Blackberry breaking on Thanksgiving, I decided to venture out on Black Friday and I was rewarded with a good deal and delightful staff at the Verizon store in Great Lakes Crossing.

I lucked out. I've held off on getting a new phone because they change so quickly and I dreaded getting stuck with a phone I didn't like. But I seem to have done alright.

Later, I saw Matt Myftiu's TECH TIME review of the phone.

In the end, I've been happy and I'm doing new things, such as checking out QR codes, playing tetris and shooting more video than ever before.

I returned to Great Lakes this past weekend because I owed the 3-yr-old some fun and had some shopping to do. She was a trooper, but the mall was really too packed; however, I did luck into a parking spot close by without much of a search and after delays on Baldwin, I did evacuate the area fairly quickly.