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Friday, April 9, 2010

Tiger is back, win or lose

I must say I'm sick of the 'dramatic return' to Augusta story about Tiger Woods. Yes, he took a little time off from golf. Yes, he's had some headaches.
But let's get real; he wasn't gone that long. In baseball, he missed spring training. In football, he missed camp.
No biggie.
He only plays the Majors anyway (well, ok, he's out there more, but he skips a lot of tournaments to focus on the big ones; and that' s fine, because he is THE STAR).
But it was sickening to watch him fight the media as his sex scandal grew and it was pathetic watching him grovel and snivel his way through the apologies and lame press conferences. Even the first two five-minute interviews were a sham, it appeared.
But then he took questions at Augusta. And he was back. He looked natural. He looked comfortable. (And by back, I mean, back to his old self when it comes to interacting with the public, which was never touchy feely or very personable.)
There's a difference between being back in the public eye and back on the golf course. He was never gone from golf. It's not like he took a year or two off. Numerous sports figures have left and returned, missing significant time for injuries or premature retirements. (Or, they've returned from retirements they should have stayed in).
Tiger is back from a few months off -- mostly the off season. Big deal.
But he is back from being a wimpy whiny pampered star and it back to being a fierce athlete who is comfortable with who he is.
And no matter my opinion of his personal life, it's good to see the best golfer playing his game.

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