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Monday, March 22, 2010

Tale of two polls

We had a couple strong responses to polls this past week or so, with
varying results.
Two polls on our home page that received more than 200 answers were
reactions to government action in Michigan.
First off, Gov. Jennifer Granholm proposed a meatless day, apparently
in an effort to improve healthier lifestyles. We asked if people
would participate, too.
We offered answers far from the middle, because it is kind of a fun
topic. So 'No, What's a vegetable?' received 237 votes. And 'Yes. I
never eat anything with eyes' received a mere 30 votes.
That's an 89 percent to 11 percent blowout by meateaters.
I do recognize that most people do maneuver in the middle, but this
shows how much they disliked Granholms stepping onto to the dinner
table. Work on getting jobs, Gov.
Similarly, 89 percent of 299 respondents to a question about
traveling to Mexico in light of the drug wars said they would stay
home, and a mere 32 said they were packing their bags.
On another note, a poll on the news page asked if they agreed with a
workplace ban on scented perfume, and it's a tight one. With 249
responses, 129 says 'yes, it can be too strong' and 120 says 'no, my
body is my business.'
I've postponed the scented question for a few days for the sake of
getting something fresh up, but I want to bring it back and see if we
can get to the bottom of this thing.


Anonymous Raija Boles said...

I support workplace ban on scented perfume. People with allergies, asthma and multiple chemical sensitivity become ill when exposed to scents. Often the "stinker" has no sense of smell and uses too much of the sweet stuff. Hairsprays and men's aftershaves belong to banned list.

March 24, 2010 at 9:17 AM 

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