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Friday, February 19, 2010

So, Tiger, you're sorry, wow!

Sounds like all Tiger Woods had to say was that he was sorry.
Why did it take three months to get that out? He could have stepped out of his house, in front of a camera or two dozen and simply apologized, declining questions.
It would have taken some of the thunder and rightful criticism of today's joke, which was more a reminder of the genius of Dave Chapelle's show than an actual update.
Glad the wife wasn't there, but he did sink to a new low, dragging out his mom for the photo-op hug.
I didn't mind the mentioning of Buddhism, but the shallow whining about his kids being followed rang extremely false, considering he could have avoided that by simply making the "I'm sorry" statement 11 weeks ago. Instead, he disappeared and allowed the media firestorm to explode.
Today, all he said was I might return to golf but I don't know when. That was the only news really offered.
Oh well.
Plus, being a womanizer hasn't hurt people like Mick Jagger. He still sells plenty of tickets, songs, shirts and other junk.
Tiger ain't going broke, and it was rather pathetic watching him act like he's sincere.

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