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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All a-twitter

I wasn't buying it at first, but apparently everyone else was, so now I'm on Twitter. What I like is the ability to retweet a link to a story of interest and its ability to find like-minded people.
With Facebook, you need to know them, and also you need to trust them. With Twitter, it's less personal and interest-driven.
And because the news industry is driven by topics of interest and people seek topics today more than simply reading an entire paper to see what's going on, Twitter works for people who think alike.
I like news, some politics, some sports, movies, books, and community-based happenings. But I share an interest in parenting and foods and allergies with my wife. So I'm reaching I just need time to read all this stuff.
So I'm embracing something that initially was seen by me as a simplistic marketing tool, well, really a scheme. But it is a marketing tool and a way to find those who share ideas you are interested in, and we can all learn from each other, right?
Look for me at or @stevefrye. Coming soon, getting Twitter buttons on all these blogs at our site.


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