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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

School count days versus snow days

Schools live for count days, and it's understandable, as that is how
they get their money. That is the way the state divides its pot of
school money, giving it on a per pupil basis. Makes a lot of sense,
that does.
But when everyone knows that a potentially big snowstorm is coming on
school count days, should districts have the right and ability to
switch the count day.
Otherwise, I imagine some superintendents might want to cancel class
so that a large percentage don't simply stay home because they can't
dig out or don't want to travel across a snow-covered city.
And with cities, townships and counties cutting back on snow plowing
and salting, it's even harder sometimes to get out of your neighborhood.
I would not be surprised if school leaders are planning preemptive
snow days today to avoid a possible conflict if some people can't
make it to school, when they normally might want to hold off a
decision until early morning or else might take a 'grin-and-bear-it'
And if school is closed on Wednesday and the count day is pushed
until Thursday, do they run into the same problem, some not being
able to make the trip into school?
Remember, every dollar counts nowadays.


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