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Monday, March 22, 2010

Timing for Tiger

Timing is the key in everything, especially answering tough questions.
So I wondered how quickly Tiger Woods decided to put together those two five-minute interviews, conducted by ESPN and the Golf Channel.
Once it became clear that there would be a vote on health care some time on Sunday, and knowing that the NCAA basketball tournament would be in full swing, I would have recommended getting his word out then.
Instead of dominating the news, Tiger Woods was second place. Instead of dominating sports news, the very apologetic but still world's best golfer was the lead story that quickly gave way to hoops action.
At least he's answering questions instead of trying to dominate the story by telling reporters and videographers what they should cover and how they should cover it.
Plus, he didn't look like he had walked out of a cult's brainwashing seminar, as he did when he read his 'statement' last month. That was pathetic.
Sunday's pair of interviews were more natural and much better to Tiger Woods' image. He was a regular guy answering some questions about some crap he had to deal with. That's fairly normal and helped push the crash and affairs into the category of old (boring) news.
I'm just disappointed that ESPN's guy didn't ask what Tiger Woods was in treatment for. Someone says, I was in treatment but now I'm out. I say, what for? (I just wanted to hear him say sex addiction, though I guess he'd say 'It was  personal' or 'For kicking ass when asked annoying questions.' Both0 answers are fine.)
On another note, CBS balked at the ask-anything-but-only-for-five-minutes. I figure they were busy with basketball and are pushing for the '60 Minutes' sit down, so I'm not buying their garbage.


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