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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hall of Fame one tough gig

And it should be a tough gig to make the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Baseball's success comes due to its deep historical roots. The game is the same for the most part, though the players are better. Even with better players, though, the records do not easily fall... except for steroids and home runs, one reason today the Hall of Fame did not see its membership expand.

In football, the NFL season kicks off with a big show at the Hall of Fame. So, they need someone added each year. Favorite players make it. Records count less due to the many rule changes beyond the physical changes and expansions of passing and training.

Baseball gains by having a Hall of Fame that requires 75 percent vote by writers. It's a tough test to pass. A lot of good, worthy players could be Hall of Famers, except it's a tough test to pass. Jack Morris and Dale Murphy are great examples — great players with big numbers.

But you could argue, as I do, that just big numbers do not make one worthy of the hall, which should be for the elite of the elite. The Hall of Fame is forever, and the larger the membership, the less value each member has.

Let's hope it doesn't get watered down because this year could see no new members. And I like the idea that a veteran's committee can rectify wrongs if someone truly worthy belongs inside.

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