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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gun rights and freedom of information... Don't guns protect?

That's the argument, guns make us safer. If good guys, like me, have a gun, I'm safer.

So this quote and bit from an Associated Press story about the newspaper seeking public records on pistol permits from the local government in Putman County, New York, is pretty funny.

Critics called the publication an invasion of privacy; some said it could endanger permit holders.
“In Putnam County, I have over 11,000 pistol permit holders, and I refuse to put their lives and their families’ lives in danger,” Sant told The New York Times. “When these laws were conceived, there was no social media, there was no Google maps.”

So, owning a gun is a dangerous thing, especially if everyone knows you have a gun? Wonder what the 'open carry' people think about that. Having a gun makes you vulnerable and an attractive target?

Talking about having it both ways.

This Sandy Hook story and the prior shooting at the "Dark Knight Rises" premiere in Colorado are going to stick around in the news cycle for a long time, and inconsistent statements like this from an oversensitive gun lobby is going to help fire up the cause.

Face it, many people must be embarrassed to be gun owners right now, especially with the hard right conservatives saying the answer to gun violence is more guns, especially in classrooms. Crying about safety is shooting themselves in the foot.

However, just as self-hurting is the newspaper, trying to get people talking and perhaps trying to touch on public safety (taking a 'your neighbor is armed' approach), as the backlash against publishing such information has proven swift and ferocious.

The paper had already published some information regarding pistol permits, creating a massive uproar that has led to the paper hiring armed guards... some sweet irony there. And a blogger published the names and addresses and contac information for the paper's leadership.

Should these public records be open to the public? I would think so, as if you want to be a proud gunowner, then stand proud and be loud. If it brings shame, then perhaps it's not such a politically strong position.

And I like the open carry advocates in Michigan. Talk about open and honest; you know where they stand.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its not your hard right thinking more guns to combat violence... it seems like about half this country feels this way with the way guns and ammo are flying off the shelves.. why should law abiding citizens be punished... you might have a story about a fluke open carry nut (I'm not a fan of them, bit its a free country) shooting themselves in their foot literally, but how often is the prosecutors office pumping out warrants for a gun being used in a felony.... daily? At least weekly.... removing the guns won't cure this type of problem... we have to fix the culture that it is so acceptable to have this gun violence... you've sat through the trials.... you have heard the families of the accused.. they think it was perfectly fine to have a gun... ans it wasn't the accused fault....

January 10, 2013 at 3:24 AM 

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