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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Justin Bieber and squeaky clean

He'll end up just squeaky eventually, but for now, the young singer is a national, er, international phenomena, selling song, tickets, a look and whatever event he is brought in to promote.

His handlers now maintain that pictures taken of the star belong to the star, not to whomever took them. This comes after pictures possibly showing him smoking something that may be marijuana. Both of these items come from the celebrity-stalking site,

The 18-year-old Canadian is now an industry, a PR machine, so any negative news could slow the money machine; however, eventually he will grow up and get wild and turn that into his new persona, much as Miley Cyrus has done. And Elvis Presley long before her.

Today, the New York Post has a report detailing the explanation for the pot smoke smell reported at a hotel where Bieber stayed recently, saying that it was from 'another rock star.' These explanations get good. Keeping in the spirit of talking to the audience, Bieber or someone on his behalf or on his staff tweeted, "I never want to let any of you down. I love u and thank u."

The hunger to stay out there and keep that clean image will give way soon enough to embracing a new image... say, when his sales dip slightly.

When will that happen? Not any time soon and not because of some marijuana. However, it will happen. And all their concerns and overmanagement will not prevent it. But it will take a bit. Why? Because people are freaky about him. How freaky? Well, the NY Daily News has a bit asking if young fans are cutting themselves to get his attention. Yup, even with that love though, he will diminish... no flavor of the month lasts forever. 

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