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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Coach goes after star

I wish we'd see more of this in the NFL, specifically with the Detroit Lions.

The star coach, who led Manchester City to its first title in decades just months ago, charges after its star player after the star made a hard challenge that could have injured someone ... during practice.

Now, generally, I like the idea of a good spirited physical practice. But I also believe a team is better when they join together and listen to the coach, in this case, well-respected Roberto Mancini. But Mario Balotelli is a star's star, a fellow Italian and seemingly wild man (car crashes, breaking INTO a women's prison.)

Mancini led City to a dramatic title over cross-town rival and much-hated Manchester United, who always contends and usually wins championships, think a combination of the Steelers and Patriots with a bit of 49ers tossed in.

Balotelli scores big goals, and he broke into a woman's prison. I also like the quote in the article about when he crashed his car and was asked why had 5,000 pounds on him and he answered, "Because I'm rich."

Hopefully, the pair can work it out because they are entertaining and talented and City appears to be the only team that can catch Manchester United.

But I'd love to see someone like Latrell Spreewell go after Mancini, as it wouldn't go as well for the player. Or, I'd like to see coaches show a bit more spirit in the NFL.

Good stuff.

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