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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

National yawn

I was at an appointment Monday afternoon and they had the news on in the waiting room. Up popped a preview of the night's BCS National Championship game.

A man commented to his wife: "Oh, I forgot that was on tonight."

Bingo. I thought the same thing working that morning when I saw something cross the wires about the night's game. I, too, had no thoughts on college football after the Wild Card weekend for the NFL.

I wonder how the ratings will be as I only watched a little and Alabama quickly turned the game into a route. Perhaps they should just replay the SEC title game for the national title, but I think it's harming the ratings to wait so late into January.

Seems like it worked better when the season wrapped up on New Year's Day, perhaps just going one day extra for the finale. And I should note, I do like college football.

Of course, the way ESPN was schooled by NBC when it finally acquired Monday Night Football, as the NFL and audience switched emphasis to Sunday Night Football, ESPN's bowl season has been lackluster to say the least.

The national championship is not worthy of a week-long preparation, such as the Super Bowl enjoys.

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