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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

No sports on Christmas

The Detroit Lions were to be the last Monday Night Football game of the year, a sign of how badly ESPN was schooled by the 'light weight' in the sports television world.

ESPN is all and everything, when talking about sports and tv, or was. The more they dominate, the more tiresome they become, creating the ultimate in journalistic entertainment,, where ESPN is put to task. And boy, the dedication to Tebow was not just my own natural skepticism.

Nevermind that, but the Lions were not on TV Christmas Eve, playing the best team in the league, the Atlanta Falcons,  I guess because fewer people would watch then.... than the death night of TV ratings, Saturday? They know their numbers.

And no bowl game on Christmas Day, either. I guess people prefer theimr families and travel over watching a 'big game,' which requires high ratings. The ratings dictate how things are done and schedules made. Throw in the NHL lockout, and there's no real sports, as I can't count the NBA and its view of the season, starting more than a third of the way through. Could you imagine the NFL and its main tv networks premiering their first big game on Columbus Day.

Doesn't count in October, it doesn't count in December or February. But hey, tomorrow is Boxing Day in England and I get a full day of Premiere League delight. Thank you Comcast for finally making the Fox Soccer channel an HD option.

Again, Merry Christmas.


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