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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Palin and Fox, it's just a start

I like Sarah Palin going to Fox News, not because I'll watch, but
because I think it'll be the start of a beautiful friendship.
It's not a coincidence that news also crossed the wire later Monday
that Simon Cowell was leaving Fox's 'American Idol.'
This first year on Fox News is merely a test run, an audition, for
the real gig. Sure it only lasts a couple or few months of the year,
but American Idol brings in 30-plus million viewers a show, twice a
Palin is a star, that's undeniable.
Why aim for the presidency? That world of politics only brings out
her flaws because she has to play nice with others and she's not all
the friendly and open. (She could use some lessons from L. Brooks
Patterson on getting in front of stories and using the humor both to
deflate criticism of her and to bolster her criticism of others; she
seems completely humorless.)
However, that would be perfect for replacing snarky Simon on American
Idol, and it could give what might be a dying show a fresh outlook
and legs to dominate late into the decade.
It's either that or late night show for her and that would be oh so


Anonymous William said...

I guess the only good thing I can say about Sarah Palin is that she is a unifying figure in American politics....many people on both sides of the aisle agree that she is an embarrassment.

If she wants to gain legitimacy I don't think Fox News is the right move. I know your post was tongue in cheek, but I really wouldn't be surprised if this media whore does end up as a guest judge on American Idol, and I honestly believe that if she were younger TMZ would somehow (wink,wink) get their hands on an "un-authorized Sarah Palin sex tape".

I really hope for the future of our nation that her 15 minutes are almost up.

January 20, 2010 at 10:35 AM 

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