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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I've heard of 'roid rage, the uncontrollable anger that steroid
abusers apparently may experience over time.
But, judging from the interview excerpts I've endured since
yesterday, I now wonder do steroids turn one into a crybaby, or cause
some similar emotional problem.
My, my, I'm trying to say anything about growing a pair.
I must say that calling the admission the hardest thing he has ever
done makes me wonder, would Mark McGwire rather have kept the lie going?
Someone had to have told him he has to come clean and admit what
apparently everyone else has known for a long, long time — that the
one-time home run king was a fraud.
Seems like if he was really coming clean, then admitting it would
lift the great weight of guilt off his once hefty shoulders.
But no, the former St. Louis Cardinal hates to admit what he did
because he can no longer even lie to himself that what he did on the
field was great or worth anything.
If living with this lie for more than a decade or two was easier than
admitting it, then it looks like steroid abuse can also cause delusions.


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