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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tax time

Yes, that was a month ago, but I must note that Pontiac's tax return came more than a week ahead of the federal tax return, a first. I always send them at the same time, and I always get the federal first, then state, and then, usually much later, Pontiac's. One time, I got a Pontiac return more than a year later.

Of course, this year, I didn't get anything back from the state. Thanks, Mr. Snyder, hope we get all those jobs with the tax breaks for businesses.

In other news, the IRS story may or may not have legs, but it seems there should be more scrutiny of those seeking tax-free status, but it should not lean towards one side of the political spectrum. This, I thought, was the one scandal that could sway many to become critical of Obama, but then the AP phone dump occurred.

That impacted media types, but I don't think Americans in general care.

Funny part is that the it seems the story that sparked the interest was reporting on the good job done by the government, something they just didn't want revealed. But making everything a secret in the name of security damages those freedoms leaders said were what Muslim extremists hated about our country.

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