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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Arrest, yes, no, maybe

What a day for following the news, when The Associated Press had to back off a report from an anonymous source that an arrest was imminent in the Boston Marathon bombings.

I need to look at the analysis of this, but I want to wait first for the authorities to say what is going on, as it seems like information is being held back, perhaps in the name of the investigation.

What is for certain is there is a huge thirst for immediate updates and when they come, everyone devours them. When they are wrong, many many people are quick to denounce the media as an entirety.

But if media types are too loud in their complaints, then perhaps the industry, or profession, should look at complete bans on unnamed sources. That won't happen, so with that, we will have to live with the occasional step backs. Let's just hope no one gets ID'd as a suspect and then suffers the way Richard Jewell did in the Atlanta Olympic bombing.


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