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Monday, April 29, 2013

The third-string quarterback has left the building

He is no Elvis when it comes to talent (most people say), but Tim Tebow is up there when it comes to celebrity.

Hence the NY Jets' third-string quarterback, Tim Tebow, was released today by the struggling franchise. Well, they struggled last year after two surprise playoff appearances and two road playoff wins, but in the NFL, it's what you are doing now, or most recently, and prior success matters little.

Tebow, famous for being sincere and religious, has even won a playoff game, beating the Steelers two years ago while in Denver, where the love-hate relationship with NFL fans was created. He was chased out by Payton Manning after leadership there ruled he would not be the team's future. But he never really played in NY and he was hated by many.

He ended the season as the third option and the team drafted a quarterback this weekend, and it's no surprised he was released. But when it happened, the Associated Press issued an APNewsAlert:

FLORHAM PARK, N.J (AP) — New York Jets say they have waived Tim Tebow.

It may seem an overreaction, but you cannot deny the power of fame and celebrity in our news media and in our sports coverage. And considering the exaggerated value placed on him and this story of NY's QB situation, the AP is obligated to make sure member paper's get the story, which is why within an hour they had a lengthy, 35-inch story read for use. I posted it.

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