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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Emergency manager

I wonder how much play the ending of the financial emergency in Ecorse will get. It is an important story, not just for us in Oakland County, where Pontiac has been under an emergency manager for years, but for the state, as Detroit finally moved into that.

It deserves to be read, as four years of loss of local control has ended. It is a necessary step, if the community's elected leaders are unable to balance the budget, but it is a controversial one, too.

It is most controversial, of course, in Detroit, where politics gets ugly.

Meanwhile, everyone played up the story of the bomb threat at Pontiac High School, including a scroll during the morning shows on WDIV-TV 4. It used to be such threats were not publicized for fear of inspiring other threats, but lately, perhaps because of real bombs and bombings, such threats receive big headlines and live reporting. Let's hope it doesn't happen elsewhere this week.


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