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Friday, April 5, 2013

Tiger fans

It may be a drunk-fest but Opening Day in Detroit, or more properly, considering the season started in Minnesota, the home opener is much much fun.

Here's to another baseball season and arrival of spring, finally!

I've attended only one home opener and it was cold and miserable, but what a blast, the excitement, optimism and joy. Even with some people barely able to stand.

This year, there's much pressure on the Tigers, who already seem like baseball's best eight-inning team, and Jim Leyland, and my hope is to dedicate more time to following this season than I've been able to in the past decade. I may buy a season package from my cable company, so I can also watch the Cincinnati Reds, and I hope to attend more than just one game in Detroit.

But again, here's the optimism of early April.


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