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Friday, April 5, 2013

Some thoughts after being away

I went on vacation and it seems the biggest story nationally is the continued gunning down on law enforcement officials.

Another DA was killed in Texas, along with his wife, following the slaying of the top prison official in Colorado. And I saw on airport TV CNN highlighting the slaying of a West Virginia sheriff.

I know the gun debate has people talking about the right to fight a tyrannical government, but to the vast majority of people, the government, especially on a local level, means public safety, and police, prisons and firefighters are the front lines in this.

The slayings in Texas were big news, partly because of the shootout of the suspect in the Colorado slaying. And that person, a felon, getting a gun illegally has resulted in a woman facing a firearm charge, something that is very appropriate, it sounds to me. I wonder where this story goes.


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