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Friday, March 15, 2013

Detroit's problems

I've already seen some talk in comments and in social media about the inherent racism in the State of Michigan taking over the City of Detroit.

Well, let's personalize it; it's One Tough Nerd stepping in to overtake the city council. The state's top elected leader is stepping and taking over for the city's elected leadership, including Mayor Dave Bing.

But I can't help thinking now is not the time to look into history as to how these problems developed and grew so out of control. The color of issue here is green, one born of money and how to pay for services with a shrunken tax base as home values plummeted and people fled (2 million down to 700,000).

When I moved to this area, the 2000 census was just showing the population had dipped to under a million. It's still falling fast.

Something needs to be done and the answer is not in wild accusations but working towards solutions to repair the budget and pay the bills and provide some services.

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